Quality Assurance

Socks Expert has qualified and stringent quality assurance team for planning, development and implementation of quality management system in any socks unit. Main features of this service are quality assurance and quality control work procedures, reporting system of quality assurance and quality control, inspection parameters, inspection methods, internal & external audit procedures, technical standards, measurement standards, AQL chart understanding, and inspection criteria for branded & non branded products in knitting, toe closing, processing, boarding, packing department and final shipments. Making quality manuals/plans for any socks unit is unique feature of this service.

  • Definitions of Quality, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Management, Quality System, Quality Policy, Quality Audit, SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), SOC (Standard Operating Conditions) and Quality Parameters.
  • We provide inspection parameters, procedures, quality reports and inspection methods for raw materials. Implementation of QMS on raw materials in any socks unit.
  • Socks expert will write for you the inspection method of socks in knitting, inspection procedure, inspection parameters, inspection reports and technical standards for knitting, how to control B-Grade in knitting, how to control waste in knitting and details to conduct batch audit or shift audit in knitting. Types of knitting faults and its corrective & preventive actions program implementation.
  • Toe Closing inspection parameters, standard operating procedures, quality reports and detail of faults created by toe closing and remedial steps for these faults.
  • Processing quality standard operating procedure, inspection parameters, quality reports for processing and processing faults and their preventive and corrective actions.
  • Boarding inspection parameters, standard operating procedure, quality reports and faults of press section.
  • Packing complete inspection parameters, inspection method, procedure and packing faults and preventive and corrective actions for these faults.
  • Final audit of the product direct for customer or on behalf of the company or third party inspection service.
  • Lab testing parameters of socks as per customer standards.
  • All data and record keeping guidelines for quality assurance and quality control to meet the compliance and technical audits of the company.
  • Complete training of Quality staff of the company.
  • Implementation of quality tools for continuous improvements.

This service has both options;

  1. Online service.
  2. Onsite service.