Socks Expert Pakistan has a mature and dedicated team to provide solutions to your problems/complete your projects/train your teams. We have already worked for many companies all over the world. We have a lot of valued customers and worked for them as per their requirements listed below. We have trained more than 5000 people in different companies, out of them 2000+ are working on executive levels in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Turkey, USA and UAE.

  • New unit set up (cost pre-feasibilities, process & production flow designing, unit layout, unit structure and OJT (on job training)) after setting up new unit.
  • Human resource management (feasibility, execution, control and payroll management as per the company’s budget).
  • Supply chain management (Demands/Supply of raw materials, packaging, chemicals, accessories and finished products)
  • Successful monitoring of quality control teams (Checkers, inspectors, supervisors, officers, A.M(s) and D.M(s).
  • Perfect leadership to quality assurance teams (inline process/product auditors and final auditors).
  • Management of big execution teams of operations (knitters, fixers, tailors, dyers, boarders, packers, merchandisers and executive staff).
  • Vendors management (suppliers qualification process SQP and commercial subcontracts).
  • Objectives management system (quality objectives & operations objectives) and objectives monitoring data analysis.
  • Comprehensive evaluation process for employees of the company for promotions and appraisals.
  • Effective calculation of lead times and ensuring on time deliveries (incoming materials and outgoing shipments).
  • Company’s system development (process development, product development and quality management system development).
  • Product development process and risk analysis of product. (Specifications & customer requirements).
  • Investigation of quality issues against customer complaints (root cause analysis).
  • Team management (team building, training, upgrading and allocations as per skills).
  • Process improvement tools and quality tools implementation and utilization.
  • Reporting system management (formation, execution, monitoring, and record keeping).
  • Time & Motion studies management of all operations of the unit.
  • Management of all departments of an operational units and new units.
  • Execution of different quality/Lean tools for continuous process improvement and problem solving techniques. (Kaizen, 8D, Kanban, RCA, CAPA, PDCA, Pareto, Fishbone/Cause & Effect Diagrams, Seven Wastes, 5S, six sigma)
  • ISO certifications services/consultancy on achieving this milestone.
  • Sourcing of manpower, material, machinery and sub contractual vendors.
  • Writing (quality manual writing, training manual writing, and product manual writing).

Worthy buyers are invited to discuss with us any matter to establish long term business. We always serve very honestly to all customers.

People who want to build up a strong career in the socks industry are especially invited to contact with us. We are building careers through our professional training on Socks Industry.

Hoping to serve all socks world in all areas.

With best wishes
Abdul Razzaq Sajid
C.E.O Socks Expert Pakistan/SEP International