About Us

Welcome to Socks Expert Pakistan (SEP) and please allow us to take few moments from your precious time to introduce Socks Expert Pakistan. Socks Expert Pakistan established in January 2008 and is one of the leading suppliers of dress socks in Pakistan and exporter of both sports and dress socks from Pakistan to whole Europe, USA and Middle East. We have achieved this remarkable position by following our strong commitment to the top quality products. Our strong sense to adopt latest technical innovations is also a key factor of our vertical growth. Socks Expert Pakistan is a respectable name in the national & international socks market for its commitment and responsiveness to customer satisfaction in high quality products.

Socks Expert Pakistan is producing all kind of sports socks (men’s, ladies and children). A large range of low cut socks, crew socks, quarter socks, no-show socks, Foote socks, ped socks, tube socks, and bobby socks are available in construction of sandwich terry, rough terry and in plain fabrics. We are producing dress socks on single cylinder & double cylinder computerized and non-computerized machines.

Socks Expert Pakistan produces socks with both Natural and Synthetic yarns, for example cotton 100% (6/1 to 40/1), regenerated yarns, carded yarns, combed yarns, poly cotton yarns, melange yarns, polyester yarns, acrylic yarns, wool yarns, Lycra (nylon cover & polyester cover), Spandex (Poly covered& Nylon covered) and poly propylene.

Socks Expert Pakistan has a wide range of knitting machines in source to produce wide variety of sports socks and dress socks. Please see below details;

Double Cylinder168 Needle                                  15 Machines

Double Cylinder 176 Needle                                  10 Machines

Production Capacity                                                6,000 dozen/Month

Single Cylinder Sanjiacomo IV 168 Needle        10 Machines

Single Cylinder Sanjiacomo V 168 Needle         30 Machines

Production Capacity                                                10,000 dozen/Month

Mechanical Machines 168 Needle                        10 Machines

Mechanical Machines 156 Needle                        10 Machines

Production Capacity                                                5,000 dozen/Month

Sports Socks Machines 108 Needle                    100 Machines

Production Capacity                                                100,000 dozen/Month

Total Knitting Machines                                          185 Machines

Total Production Capacity                                      120,000 dozen/Month

Toe Closing Production Capacity                         120,000 dozen/Month

Processing Production Capacity                           120,000 dozen/Month

Pressing Production Capacity                               120,000 dozen/Month

Packing Production Capacity                                120,000 dozen/Month

Minimum Order Quantity    2,500 dozens

Minimum Lead Time for Dress Socks 60 to 75 days after all approvals. (Short lead time possible for repeated styles)

Minimum Lead Time for Sports Socks 45 to 60 days after all approvals. (Short lead time possible for repeated styles)

Why clients choose us

  • We are supplying best export quality socks on very reasonable prices.
  • We are supplying best quality dress socks on matchless prices.
  • Very stringent Quality Assurance system in place.
  • Adherence to deadlines & Measurable results.